Arena Dust Control
Arena Water Truck Rental

Did you know that arena dust is more irritating to your horse than to you?  You see, horses's lungs are larger than ours, so when you're affected by dust, your horse is affected even more. When exercising, your horse can inhale up to 10 times more dust, and can lead to respiratory illness and infections.  We offer arena trucks, which are non CDL and are available to rent on a half day, daily, weekly, monthly or even subscription program. 

Our Arena trucks are designed with you and your animals in mind.  Our low emissions diesel engines run smoother and quieter. Our chassis are smaller allowing greater maneuverability, which mean you reach the edges and corners better than in a traditional water truck.  Our pumps gearing is set to low, so you don't kick up more dust than you need while you apply your prefect mixture of dust control solution. 

  • Arena Water Trailer 1,500 Gallons

  • Arena Water Trailer 2,000 Gallons

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