Dust Abatement Resources

Copy from AZ State Land Department, Nov 2017


The Dust Abatement and Management Program (D.A.M.P.), first implemented in 1999, manages fugitive dust issues on Trust land in Maricopa County from unpaved roads, parking lots, and vehicle use in open areas.

Barricades in north Phoenix During the past three years the program has explored many different methods to reduce dust on Trust lands, including land closures. Revenue from grants and more recently from the Off-Highway


Decal Fund have been utilized by the Land Department to implement and coordinate additional law enforcement support, construct barriers and fencing for access control, and post signage on Trust land parcels.  For further information on the D.A.M.P. program or questions regarding dust control on Trust lands call 602 542-2119.

The Arizona State Land Department supports Clean Air Initiatives and other community-based efforts designed to improve air quality in Arizona. 

Maricopa County Dust Control Regulations:call (602) 506-6010.



Some of the things you can do to help reduce dust on State Trust Lands are:


  • Drive slowly on existing roads and trails, don’t create new trails, and minimize ground disturbance

  • Do your best not to create a dust nuisance.

  • Do not park or operate motor vehicles beside homes or buildings. Stay at least ¼ mile away from occupied buildings and paved roads.

  • Always be courteous of your fellow recreational users and your neighbors


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