BFL Team -  Happy 2019 New Year!

(I swear this isns't a novel, so please read.) 

My name is Johnny, I hate BS and Red Tape. It's why my business card has my No B.S. Number (602) 550-2110 on it.  I'm proud to introduce my business Urban Site Services.  Maybe you've heard of us before (Arizona Erosion Control, Arizona SWPPP & Dust Control, Urban Dust Control, yada, yada), maye you haven't. 

Let's get to the nitty gritty.  We are careful who we call on because we care about service, response time, quality of work. We are not a corporate entity, we are a small family (minority) business. We don't work with everyone in town, I like to build relationship and my customers know when we say "yes" that means it will get done.


We recently stopped by a work site in Surprise and spoke to a few or your Project Managers.  They seemed interested in what we offer, your office coordinator said we could attach a brochure. - Here it is.

Arizona Erosion Control.jpeg



  • SWPPP (Certified)                           (

    • Installation​

      • BMP's - All BMP's

      • SCE - Stabalized Construction Entrances​ & Maintenance

      • W/A - Concrete Wash Out Stations & Maintenance

    • Material Supply

    • Repairs & Maintenance

    • Digital Inspections

      • You can get an email the moment it's complete​.

      • We can print the final report and insert it into your SWPPP

      • We can assign task/work orders and monitor their completion.

    • We can provide your office with a final PDF of your entire SWPPP Book at the end of project. 

  • DUST CONTROL (Certified)​​   (

    • We provide the truck and certified operator. ​

    • We provide all your record keeping and insert it into your SWPPP.

    • All of our trucks have 2018 or 2019 systems!  

    • Trucks have GPS

      • We can geo-fence your location for transparency of billing. 

      • If the county wants to question you, we can provide reports to fight for you. 


    • We are the only provider who uses patented and licensed grates that are spec'd out at the county level. ​

    • 115,000lb rated!

    • Up to 85% reduction in dirt from tires. ($11,000+ approx savings on sweepers over a 10mo project.)


    • We have special tanks and pumps that ​provide superior washing capabilities.


    • Not your typical service.  Our systems provide a range of pressure up to 4,000psi, with 300 degree water. 

    • We can remove tire marks from your fresh concrete​ in time for your final walk thrus. 

    • Pavers

    • Concrete

    • Asphalt prep for slurry seal

    • Asphalt prep for staining and stamping. 


    • Site​ Trash Pick Up


    • Water Pump Outs​

    • Air Movers


    • Water Wagons (2018 & 2019 models)​

    • 10yd Dumpsters

    • Trash Pumps

    • Air Movers

    • Mini Skid Steer (Manned or unmanned)

    • Mini Excavators (Manned or unmanned)

    • Compactor Plate

    • Jumping Jacks

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Urban Site Services  Power Washing Phoen
Arizona Dust Control _ Certified Dust Co
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Water Wagon Rental Phoenix Urban Trailer
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A little about me. 

  • I'm from Mexico (Born & Raised)

  • Moved to the US in 2000

  • Lived in a tent and mowed lawns.

  • I have 2 kids.

  • Favorite place is operating an excavator.

  • I hate voicemail. It's why I use my cell phone. If I miss your call, I will call you back.