Water Truck Rental
4,000 - 4,999 gallons.

Urban Equipment Water Truck Rentals.  Did you know there is a different in the type of water truck you need depending on the type of work your are doing?  That's right!  If you are keeping up with earth moving equipment (graders, diggers, etc), you you will be driving faster than normal, so you need a water truck that is geared accordingly so you aren't damaging or popping the spray nozzles off!  We know these little nuances and can help. 

Our heavy water truck rentals are designed and set up with you mind. Find the right dust control solution, including manned dust control trucks at Urban Dust Control.  We are a small family owned business. Let us serve you. 

​Water Truck Rental 4,000 Gallons (CDL Required)

  • 6 spray heads​
    • 2 Front​

    • 2 Rear

    • 2 Side left

  • Specialty plumbing for filling.​​

  • Hose Reel

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Urban Equipment Rentals  Arizona Dust Control Water Truck.jpeg
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