Willmeng Team -  Happy 2019 New Year

Since we last met we have added services to our repertoire.  Below is a list of services we offer.

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  • SWPPP                

    • Installation​

      • BMP's - All BMP's

      • SCE - Stabalized Construction Entrances​ & Maintenance

      • W/A - Concrete Wash Out Stations & Maintenance

    • Material Supply

    • Repairs & Maintenance

    • Digital Inspections

      • You can get an email the moment it's complete​.

      • We can print the final report and insert it into your SWPPP

      • We can assign task/work orders and monitor their completion.

    • We can provide your office with a final PDF of your entire SWPPP Book at the end of project. 

  • DUST CONTROL Certified & Record Keeping

    • We provide the truck and certified operator. ​

    • We provide all your record keeping and insert it into your SWPPP.

    • All of our trucks have 2018 or 2019 systems!  

    • Trucks have GPS

      • We can geo-fence your location for transparency of billing. 

      • If the county wants to question you, we can provide reports to fight for you. 


    • We are the only provider who uses patented and licensed grates that are spec'd out at the county level. ​

    • 115,000lb rated!

    • Up to 85% reduction in dirt from tires. ($11,000+ approx savings on sweepers over a 10mo project.)



    • We have special tanks and pumps that ​provide superior washing capabilities.


    • Not your typical service.  Our systems provide a range of pressure up to 4,000psi, with 300 degree water. 

    • We can remove tire marks from your fresh concrete​ in time for your final walk thrus. 

    • Pavers

    • Concrete

    • Asphalt prep for slurry seal

    • Asphalt prep for staining and stamping. 


    • Site​ Trash Pick Up


    • Water Pump Outs​

    • Air Movers


    • Water Wagons (2018 & 2019 models)​

    • 10yd Dumpsters

    • Trash Pumps

    • Air Movers

    • Mini Skid Steer (Manned or unmanned)

    • Mini Excavators (Manned or unmanned)

    • Compactor Plate

    • Jumping Jacks

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Urban Site Services  Power Washing Phoen
Arizona Dust Control _ Certified Dust Co
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A little about me. 

  • I'm from Mexico (Born & Raised)

  • Moved to the US in 2000

  • Lived in a tent and mowed lawns.

  • I have 2 kids.

  • Favorite place is operating an excavator.

  • I hate voicemail. It's why I use my cell phone. If I miss your call, I will call you back.